During your stay at Good Piglet Ranch, you can have fun in the nature of Fruska Gora, and to experience an unforgettable active vacation.

We can offer you horseback riding  and hiking.

Also, you can use your own bicycles for sightseeing at Fruska Gora. And in the winter season, besides the listed activities, you can also enjoy sledding in the surrounding of the accommodation.

Nature can preserve health and prolong life, and also the easiest and fastest cope with stress. Walking is achieved mental balance, in contact with his own mind and gets a boost and a strong will to live.

We can offer:

– Guided Tours

– Advice and maps for planning and self-hiking

Hiking takes place throughout the year.

Our position allows daily short or long walks in the Fruska Gora, during which you will see many natural, cultural and historical sights. On the hike you can go alone (with the use of maps or GPS devices) or with our guide.

Horseback riding as a form of recreation benefits overall health. Man becomes more comfortable with yourself and your body, strengthens the self-confidence. Horseback riding strengthens body muscles, spine, joints, harmonizes coordination and general body mobility. In addition, the emotional connection with animals, as an inseparable part of the riding, is especially gratifying.

For horseback riding there is no ideal age to start. Children already in the fourth year can ride, and nothing prevents a man that was first climbed on a horse in his fifties or sixties. It should not be any ultimate master to enjoy the beauty of riding.

We can offer:

– Horseback riding in the round pen

– Horseback riding

– Training / riding school