apartment accommodation


If you need apartment accommodation and want to spend the night with us or stay for a few days, we can offer accommodation in an apartment with one bedroom with four beds (one double bed and two single beds). Beds are made from recycled wooden pallets. Each bed has its own locker with a key, so that your personal belongings will be safe while you’re outside.

plan of apartment

Guests can use bathroom with shower. Water is always warm, due to instantaneous water heater.

There is also a common room and kitchen, as well as the outside area.

Meals can be made individually by yourself or you can sign up for our healthy homemade food.

Pets are also welcome to stay with you, indoor.

The interior space is heated throughout the whole winter season, so that no matter when you arrive, you accommodation will be pleasantly warm. During the summer season, on the other hand, the temperature is naturally pleasant (around 25º C / 77º F) without the use of air-conditioners.

The whole area is covered by free Wi-Fi.


if 1 person is staying, one night is 4,800 dinars, and two or more nights are 4,200 dinars per night
if 2 persons are staying, one night is 5,400 dinars, and two or more nights are 4,800 dinars per night
if 3 persons are staying, one night is 6,000 dinars, and two or more nights are 5,400 dinars per night
if 4 persons are staying, one night is 6,600 dinars, and two or more nights are 6,000 dinars per nigh

*Children up to 2 years do not pay for accommodation, and children 2-12 years pay 50% of the price.

* note: The apartment is currently not in use until further notice and we are unable to accommodate guests overnight. In the meantime, if you need accommodation near our ranch, please contact us… we will do our best to provide you with accommodation in the neighborhood. Thanks for your understanding :)