In our family, we prepare fresh meals every day. We carefully choose our food. Mainly, we use vegetables and fruits from local certified organic producers. We season our meals mostly with a combination of herbs that we gather and dry by ourselves. We don’t use artificial flavors and additives or preservatives.

Besides that, we also use a lot of wild edible plants and mushrooms that we collect in surrounding area.

Breakfast, lunch and supper we prepare after consultation with you.

We can offer you:


  – Sandwiches with a variety of spreads and additions

  – Oatmeal with various additions

  – Bread, butter, jam/honey

  – Scrambled eggs (several types)

  – Bread, Russian salad   

  – Am. pancakes with fruit/chocolate sauce


  – Corn bread

  – Gibanica (pastry dish with cheese)

  – Waffles with jam

  – Polenta/grits

  – Potato pastry/greens pastry

  – Sandwiches with a variety of spreads and additions

Lunch is mostly composed of appetizers, soups, main dishes, salads and desserts. Some combination of main dishes are:

  – vegetarian stew with beans/veggies/lentils

  – potato/gnocchi + sauce (several types) + veggie burgers (several types)

  – pasta dish/dumplings

  – moussaka (several types)

  – risotto (several types)

  – stewed vegetables (several types) + potato + burger

  – lasagna (several types)

There are also a variety of desserts. Some of them are:

– Am. pancakes with fruit/chocolate sauce

– Carrot cake

– Fruit salad (seasonal)

– Ice cream

– Pigglet’s cheesecake

– Apricot jam roll with chocolate glaze

– Rice pudding

– Pastry dish with pumpkin/apple/cherry and grits…

All meals are suitable for vegetarians, and some for vegans. 

In addition to daily meals, we prepare winter preserves, which we use in our meals. We would like to highlight our homemade elder juice, made from elder flowers collected in clean environment, on Fruska Gora.

* note: The summer kitchen and cafe on the ranch do not work during the winter. During this period we are not able to prepare meals for our guests. Thanks for your understanding :)