Hiking in nature can improve health and prolong life, and it is also the easiest and quickest way to cope with stress. Walking enables mental balance, helps you create contact with your own mind and boosts the will to live.

We can offer you:

– Guided tours

– Advice and maps for planning and independent walking tours

Hiking can be organised through the year.

Our location enables you shorter or longer everyday tours in Fruska Gora, during which you will see many natural, cultural and historical sights. You can go hiking by yourself (using map or GPS device) or with our guide.

Hiking trails are diverse and tours can be adapted to desires and capabilities of hikers themselves. These are mostly slow-walking tours, with a focus on enjoyment in hiking, and you can choose trail depending on what you wish to visit and how much can you walk.

Within 5km (3 miles) is a lookout point Cukala, spring near Popovica, Popovica Lake, Vaga, Pera’s cave, Orlovo bojiste, hermitage in a rock, Ledinci Lake, spring „Zvecan“, turkish fountains, Ledinci Tower, the Orhodox church, an old cemetary…

Within 10km (6 miles) you can find monastery of Rakovac, resting point Zmajevac, tower of Vrdnik, Dumbovo waterfalls, Iriski Venac, Danube river…

Also, if you choose a guided tour, during the hiking you can get a shorter training about edible plants and mushrooms. In addition to that, you can also enjoy in photo-safari (a large number of plant and animal species, from which many are indigenous, waterfalls, streams, caves, lakes…), treasure hunt (geocaching), bird watching (numerous birds, some even protected species), visiting monasteries (16 Orthodox monasteries), visiting local wineries…

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