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You live in a large urban environment. The neighbors do not know each other.
You’re busy. Job done sitting at a computer in a closed room with the air conditioner to maintain the same temperature all year. You work until the late evening hours.
Eat, mainly, industrial prepared food or fast food. You drink a lot of coffee.
Everywhere you go by car or bus.
You see your family just a few hours a day.

Stop and think about the last time you were in contact with nature, when you have had a good and peaceful holiday, when was the last time good sleep at night and wake up without the alarm …

We offer a shelter from urban life, an oasis of peace and health, only 10 km from Novi Sad… Good Piglet Ranch.

Besides enjoying the fresh air nature, with us is possible an active vacation. We recommend walking through the woods, across meadows and pastures, horseback riding, sledding, being outdoors, collecting wild edible herbs and mushrooms. Also, you can assist with horses, cuddle our cats, learn to cook healthy local food (vegetarian or vegan), to bake special unleavened bread Of course, in addition, you can enjoy freshly prepared local food.

With us you are always welcome, because every guest we receive as a friend.

Sanja +381 64 1127983   and

Dragan +381 64 1690760 (for horseback riding)