Horseback riding


Horseback riding, as a form of recreation, benefits overall health. Man becomes more satisfied with himself and his body, he strengthens his confidence. Horseback riding strengthens body muscles, spine and joints, improves coordination of the movement and general body mobility. In addition, the emotional connection to animals, as an inseparable part of the riding, is especially gratifying.

There is no ideal age to start horseback riding. Children, already in the fourth year of life, can ride, and nothing can stop a man from climbing a horse in his fifties or sixties. You don’t need to be a superior master, in order to enjoy the beauty of riding a horse.

We can offer you the following:

– Horseback riding in the round pen

– Horseback riding in nature

– Riding school/trainings

All activities related to horseback riding take place in nature, with the chirping of birds and smell of forest. Riding is organised continuously, during the whole year.

Trail riding offers you the ability to see numerous natural and historical sights of Fruska Gora, with a guide.

We offer horseback riding tours at Fruska gora for begginers, as well as for experienced riders.

For novice riders, we offer a tour suited to their level of knowledge. The trail is relatively easy, but at the same time challenging enough to force riders to actively participate in finishing the tour, and thus learn the rules for sitting properly, maintaining the balance and the basics of controling the horse. The trail is 6 km (4 miles) long, which will take you about 1 hour + the additional time for introducing the begginer to the basics of riding (before climbing on a horse).

For more or less experienced riders, in consultation with them, and after getting to know their level of experience, we can choose a tour that suits their wishes the best. The trails are mostly in forests. These can be wide forest roads or narrow forest paths with ascending and descending slopes, as well as slight ridge roads suitable for riding in faster speeds i.e. trotting or galloping.

It is necesarry to schedule riding in advance. You can do this on the cellphone +381 64/1690760 (Dragan). You can use Viber or WhatsApp.