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Morning quietness… Fed, groomed and saddled horses. Rustling of the trees and the leaves beneath the hooves… Peace… Relaxed chirp of the birds, neigh of the horses and the occasional ray of sunlight coming through the dense foliage… And you – on the horseback…

Is that possible?

With us, it is. At our club, riders understand horses, they know how to independently prepare them for riding and how to enjoy riding in the forest.

In the intensive course of horseback riding, you will learn the basics of the psychology of the horses, what horse is and what it’s not. You will independently prepare horse for riding – from leading it out of the stable, over grooming and cleaning the hooves to saddling and bridling. Through ten lectures, you will learn the basics of horseback riding, the basic commands necessary for safe riding, basic principles of communication with a horse, and at the end – you will apply your new knowledge in relaxing horseback ride through the forests of Fruska Gora.

Intensive course of horseback riding includes 3 days (with 2 full boards) of spending time with horses, enjoying the healthy homemade food, waking up to the birds chirping and a complete recharge of the mental batteries.

For more details, please feel free to contact us.


You would like a special experience? Just for the two of you?

Perhaps, riding in the countryside?

And when you get hungry? Upon returning, you will be welcomed by the smell of freshly-prepared lunch, just for you.

We offer you a horseback riding in the nature of Fruska Gora and a healthy homemade food.

At the beginning of the program, you will get a brief training on riding in the nature, after which, with a help of our guide, you will go towards the forest. After a short ride, you will arrive at viewpoint, from where you will be able enjoy in a beautiful view of the panorama of Novi Sad and its surroundings. After that you will continue riding next to meadows and through the woods. The aim of this tour is Popovica Lake located in the old deciduous forest. After coming to the end of the tour and shorter break, you will come back following the same road. Total length of this tour is around 6km (4 miles), which will take you about 1 – 1.5 hours.

The tour is suitable for beginners, and for more experienced riders there is a possibility of changing the route and going on a longer tour.

For more details, please feel free to contact us.


CREATIVE COOKING CLASS WITH GOOD PIGLET is the workshops for you who love to eat, to cook, to experiment with flavors and colors of food … or would like to learn.
For our workshop you do not need prior experience in cooking, but it does not hurt.
Together we will prepare the whole lunch. If you want, you can actively participate or just watch as others prepare. The workshops we socialize, meet new friends, cook, chop, knead, bake … and, finally, have lunch :)
All meals that are prepared are vegan or vegetarian, made of available, local ingredients.
Workshops are held twice a month, on Sundays, in our household, Ranch Good Piglet, in Stari Ledinci (10km from Novi Sad, 70 km from Belgrade). At one workshop can attend a maximum of 5-6 people, and there is a possibility of organization individual workshops. Place the workshop is required to book.

* The price of the workshop includes:
– Workshops for 4 to 5 hours
– The cost of food and drinks
– Recipes-prepared lunch
– Advice in cooking and after completing the course
– CARD OF PRIVILEGED USERS * for the current year (makes you 10% discount on accommodationcampingmeals and activities in our household Ranch Good Piglet)

Workshops led by Sanja Laus (35 years of experience in cooking).

* You can get information on or +381 64 1127983